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inspiration resting

2013-01-11 17:26:08 by lady-mikoto

hi all ... a little talk before I wish you a happy new year and a great start of 1213
was a little lost around here lately because I walk with little to draw Inspiration knows, not me this last perhaps a lack of motivation or maybe is why I have vacation monotonous.
I tatado drawing on paper but ended up in digital drawing shit that just does not make me feel as
maybe I need to get out a little (although I'm honest where I live there is not a place you want to have to exit pales since I live in a village and practically difficult to have friendships hes me) or trying to relax and not force me to draw obligatorily
For now I hope that gradually resume the drawing and I peel off this lock that I have but that does not mean that this over here lol
if I leave more to say
ah! I forgot one last little thing ... I invite you to go through my other gallery
in case you have an account over there and add me to warn me also add
one last thing ... please do not send me rude messages or innuendo that is the least I
I do not want to take a bad impression of this place that is so open to all kinds of art and was the place that was sought to free in drawing
no more to say take care


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