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hello all :)

2013-08-24 14:23:30 by lady-mikoto

(sorry my english is poor)
greetings to all
may wonder that been so lost a bit of my page
The reason is that for now I do not have a PC itself
but party uses the times I facilitate a PC to upload my art and say hello to all of you

Thanks to all that have been added to my account and for your comments (good or bad) and they liked my art

take care of yourselves

p.d: .I DO NOT ACCEPT OR ANSWER ANY COMMENT OR MESSAGES OFFENSIVE, ORDINARY OR SEXUALLY.the fact that it does not mean that women can do stupid things to my tray messages or post comments on my drawings unwelcome
  as has happened in other pages, so I hope no one take me desepcion on this page.



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2013-08-24 16:48:30

oh hello ^.^ nice to see u back , take care and keep it up :)


2013-12-25 22:37:54

Thanks for showing us your work, Merry Christmas!!